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  • Itata Valley
  • Itata Valley
  • Itata Valley
  • Itata Valley
  • Itata Valley
  • Itata Valley
  • Itata Valley

Itata Valley

Termas de Chillán offers thermal summer programs and also it has prepared for its clients a great number of tourist packages by Itata valley.

Flyfishing at Diguillín River

Departing from our resort, we will ride for 3 hours by the Andes Mountain Range, where we will be able to enjoy a natural spot with spectacular views to the Andean valley crossing by rivers with pure water generated by the thaws produced in this year season. All this valleys have been visited since a lot of years ago by drovers of the place they carry their cattle to graze in spring and summer period, they have been the only one which enjoys the fishing in the high mountain, as a feeding way in their longs stay in the mountain zone.

We will arrive to our camp where we will find all the amenities we require to our mountain adventure, tents, bathrooms, fishing equipment and naturally Digullín River . After that we were ready to begin our fishing at the afternoon where we hope to win the maximum trophy that a fisherman can aspirate, a beautiful mountain trout; after our fishing we will be able to enjoy a delicious dinner in our camp with the animation of a fire, sings and stories that our conversation bring us.

In the morning of the following day we will be ready to our early fishing; perfect tour to practice our favorite sport, a good coffee cup or tea will be our partners in our daybreak. Finally we will come back to our camp to prepare our come back by horse to resort, where we will be able to tell our adventure and enjoy the best service at Termas de Chillán, maybe a golf game or SPA or enjoy the open air our swimming pool.

Wine Route of Itata

Departing from Termas de Chillán, we will down to the city, this route will take us 1 hour enjoying a wonderful mountain spot, with great valleys which are crossing by rivers in where is possible to look the country zone of the pre mountain range in the region. Arriving to Chillán, we will know the city market, place with a special attraction due to its handicrafts and its picturesque commerce attended by zone people, they offers all kina of "Huaso" clothing, typical clothes of the Chilean country zone. Alter to visit the place for1 hour approximately we will take the route to Itata valley, we will cross Nuble river to arrive at Nueva Aldea place with soft slopes covered by grapevine, where Casas de Giner vineyard is located.

This vineyard whose wines have been awarded to national level is characterized by its colonial houses and wine vault built since more 100 years ago and in perfect conservation. We will be able to go round the vineyard and to know its wine vaults, which ones hold the best Cabernet Souvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot, and unfermented grape juice of old vine stock carried to Chile by the Jesuits of XVIII century. We will be able to see the actual technology, in combination with the old process with more than 100 years and after we will cross the horse stable typical of the country life in the zone. After this route we will have the opportunity to taste the wines and to know among wine experts, they will teach us to know all the magic of the regional wine.

After this route that take us around 2:30 hours, we will take the way to Bulnes city, where we will inside in the pre mountain again, to know Tierra y Fuego vineyard. Fictional, is the correct appellative to this vineyard, fictional due to its location and fictional due to its owner of Swiss origin. Tierra y Fuego vineyard is the vineyard that produce the mayor variety of Chilean wines, it is the only one that has produced white wines among vine stock Malbec and Merlot, they have maturated in French cask wines of grape and since then also produce traditional vine stock such as Carmenere, Pinot Noir, Sirah, Zinfandel, Semillón, Hermitage and Swurztariner.

Arriving to this wonderful place we will be able to go round the vineyard and to know its wine vaults where rest and maturate the most variety wines and we will enjoy a tasting guide for an expert who will tech us about the great diversity of grapes that the place produces. After we will enjoy a delicious lunch accompanied with a good wine and the all cordiality of its owners. Ending our lunch we will go to Quillón town where we will be able to look and know an handicraft production of wine and liquors of the zone, we will see the people of the country producing this delicious mixes, which ones form part of this tradition since a lot of years ago. After this experience, without doubt, we will come back to Termas de Chillán to enjoy of our SPA or if you want a Golf game or a nice walking by the millenarian forests.

  • Departure from Termas de Chillán at 9:00 am
  • Travel duration to Chillán city 1 hour, total of 80 Kilometers
  • Duration of visit at Chillán Market, 1 hour
  • Travel duration from Chillán Market to CASAS de Giner vineyard 35 minutes, 35 kilometers
  • Duration of visit at CASAS de GINER vineyard 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Travel duration from CASAS de GINER vineyard to TIERRA Y FUEGO vineyard 35 minutes, 35 kilometers
  • Duration of visit at TIERRA Y FUEGO vineyard 3 hours (Lunch included)
  • Travel duration from TIERRA Y FUEGO vineyard to Quillón town 30 minutes, 30 kilometers
  • Duration of the visit at Quillón town 30 minutes
  • Travel duration from Quillón to Termas de Chillán 1 hour and 45 minutes, 120 kilometers.

The Coal World

This great adventure will take us from Termas de Chillán to Lota City , we will cross from the Andes Mountain Range to Pacific Ocean , crossing all the width of Chile in this region. Arriving to Lota, we will know Isidora Cousiño park, in this place we will be able to be witness of the wealth of this zone at the end of XIX century, impelled by the coal exploitations .

Accompanied by guides we will know the history of the place, one of the most interesting of Chile during XIX century. Nobody could imagine that in this Chilean far town a family could have conditions to build and realize palaces and dreams seen in Europe , only in those years. In a route by the park and museum we will have the idea of this success, as well as Lota were the first Chilean city to have electric light, by a project created by the same father of the electricity, Thomas Alba Edison.

Ending our visit by the park we will be able to know the reality of the miner of that period, get into a subterranean mine called Chiflón del Diablo, in this adventure, without doubt, will be unforgettable, we will be able to know the galleries and tunnels in the mine, for doing that we will go down more than 500 meters and we will inside one kilometer under the Pacific Ocean. In this route we will be accompanied by a miner, who will tell us different stories of the mine and how the miner worked in it, in this tunnels it seems that the time is stopped and we will be witness of that, we must to be carried for this wonderful stories.

Leaving the mine we will be able to know a miner town, as well as that time, we will know how those families slept, their habits and customs and we will enjoy the typical lunch of the coal miner. We will follow our route to Chivilingo town where we will know the first Hydro electric factory in South America designed by Thomas Alba Edison and inaugurated in 1897, which one has been considerate world landmark of the electricity. This factory is in perfect conditions and its pieces were carried from diverse places of Europe , it chooses us the splendor of the coal miner industry. In Chivilingo we will enjoy a lunch of seafood.

After that we will come back to Termas de Chillán to enjoy all the boundaries in our SPA.

  • Departure from Termas de Chillán at 8:00 am
  • Travel duration Termas de Chillán - Lota 3 hours, 230 kilometers
  • Duration of visit by Isidora palace and museum 1 hour
  • Duration of visit Chiflón del Diablo mine and Miner town, 2 hours
  • Duration of visit from Lota to Chivilingo 25 minutes, 20 kilometers
  • Duration visit to Chivilingo factory 45 minutes
  • Travel duration from Chivilingo to Termas de Chillán 3 hours and 25 minutes.

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