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  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How do i get to the Corralco Ski Center?

The Corralco Ski Center and Mountain Ski Resort, is located 120 kilometers inland from Temuco, within the Malalcahuello Nalcas National Reserve, on the base of the Lonquimay volcano, in the 9th region of la Araucania.

The trip from Temuco lasts approximately 90 minutes from the city of Temuco. From Santiago, you can take one of four daily domestic flights to Maquehue airport which takes about an hour to arrive in Temuco and after travel the 120 kilometers to the ski center.

By land, Santiago is located 718 kilometers north of Temuco, so the journey takes about 8 hours by car taking Route 5 (Ruta Sur) south to the town of Victoria.

Are there shops in Corralco?

All the services of the Corralco Ski Center and Mountain Resort can be found at the Valle Corralco Hotel and Spa, which offers spa, a gym, bar and restaurant, among others.

When does the ski season begin in Corralco?

The skiing season starts on the first days of June until mid-October.

Then the summer season begins, from mid-October until early June.

What are the schedules in Corralco?

The schedule to ski or snowboard in the trails is from 09:00 to 17:00 hours.

Are there other recommendations when visiting Corralco?

In Corralco you must use thermal clothing and and a special waterproof jacket. It is suggested that you do winter sports with three layers of clothing remove them without getting cold in the case of sweating.

The first layer must maintain body temperature and make sure that the sweat does noy stay on your body. The second layer should provide warmth and remove the moisture away from the body; finally the third layer protects against wind and snow.

We recommend using waterproof gloves, high socks over the boots and a spare pair of socks. Sunglasses or goggles to avoid glare in the eyes. It is important to wear a hat to cover your ears and keep the heat in the head as well as sunscreen with factor 30 to protect your face and lips.



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