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  • Location and Facilities
  • Location and Facilities
  • Location and Facilities
  • Location and Facilities
  • Location and Facilities
  • Location and Facilities

Location and Facilities:

Corralco Mountain & Ski Resort features four lifts (two surface and two chairs lifts) and 25 trails in total, with seven of them especially for advanced skiers and backcountry skiers.

Maps and trail information:

Corralco Mountain & Ski Resort has 18 tracks divided by levels such as beginners, intermediate and advanced; corresponding to 500 skiable acres and 25 kilometers of used trails.

Elevation means:

It has four lifts for 25 tracks:

  • La Cornisa: It has two seats, 1,200 meters long and 140 meters of vertical. It reaches a speed of three meters per second and an altitude of 1,671 meters.

  • Volcano: It has two seats, a drop of 304 meters, 1,350 meters long, a return of 1,927 meters and a speed of 2.3 meters per second.

  • El Cruce: It is an individual lift, poma dish; with a length of 560 meters, a return altitude of 1,730 meters, a height of 125 meters and 2 meters per second of speed.

  • Navidad: It is a surface lift, with capacity for one person. It has lift capacity of 300 people, a speed of 3.5 meters per second, a vertical drop of 310 meters; the altitude of return is 1,970 meters and a length of 1,050 meters.

  • El Jardin: It is an individual rope lift, with a height of 30 meters, a length of 200 meters and a speed of two meters per second.

  • Cumbre: This surface lift is being installed in Corralco. It holds two people and a lift capacity of 1,000 people per hour, its speed is 3.5 meters per second and has a return altitude of 2,400 meters. Its length is 1,400 meters and has a vertical drop of 400 meters.

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