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La Parva Lodging Rates

Rates and Reservations:

The La Parva Ski Center requests its passengers to fill out a form where the general conditions of the daily ticket for the conduct of activities in the summer or winter are indicated.

Through this form, you must accept the norms, duties and general conditions for the conduct of activities in La Parva, and the use of its tracks and trails. With this, passengers know and understand the risks that come with practice of mountain sports.

It indicates that the mountain ticket is not transferable, so the resale or use by a third party is prohibited. There is also no ticket refund or compensation in the event of loss or failure to use the ticket; This includes the closing of trails, lift problems due to weather conditions or other reasons determined by the La Parva Ski Center.

The guests at the Ski Center must be careful and avoid collisions, impacts, damage to objects and structures, as well as the use of trails or tracks that are enabled, so they are also responsible for any damage that may occur during these practices.

Everyone under 18 years of age must have parental consent to use the facilities and trails and Bikepark in La Parva Ski Center. All children under 14 cannot enter the Bikepark unaccompanied by a parent or guardian, or legal representative.

The use of alcohol and drugs while using the trails and tracks is prohibited.

Also, you should always maintain control of the bicycle or skis while using tracks; and wear appropriate clothing and protective equipment with items such as helmets, long pants, gloves, long sleeves, elbow pads, knee pads, shin guards and armored shoes.

In the case of the bike trails, they are specially designed for mountain bikes with suspension, because of its rocky terrain and its obstacles, so you need to use the right equipment to get through them. If it’s not used, a risk factor is added for the practice of these activities.

The trails are divided by color according to their level. The blue trails are for family and children and children must be accompanied by a parent. The red trails are advanced, for a high technical level with high speed and lots of obstacles. Finally, the black level is only for experts since they have falls and jumps that require technical skills.

The bike paths cannot be used for hiking, since it is risky and may suffer an accident.
In the Bikepark you can use the ski lifts of La Parva Ski Center, where passengers can load their bikes. It is suggested to help children and respect the instructions of staff.

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