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  • Services and Activities
  • Services and Activities
  • Services and Activities
  • Services and Activities
  • Services and Activities
  • Services and Activities

Services and Activities:

Besides its excellent trails to practice skiing, snowboarding and heliski; The La Parva Ski Center has boosted other activities to enjoy the mountains in innovative ways. These activities are free for guests of the ski center.

One example is the Raquetadas Nocturnas (Snowshoeing Nights), consisting of a snowshoe walk through a circuit specially designed for this adventure.

Summer Activities:

  • Activities for Companies:
    For all companies or clients who wish to enjoy an entertaining program in the mountains, La Parva offers all amenities so you can perform outdoor activities, accommodations and meals.
    It has transportation services, meeting rooms complete with audiovisual equipment such as data show, Wi-Fi and backdrop; guided activities like hiking, teamwork, leadership and recreation; horseback riding; among others.
  • Campamento Base (Base Camp):
    It is located at the base of Telesillas Las Aguilas (Chairlift Las Aguilas), it is the meeting point for activities in the La Parva Ski Center. It is available for all the weekends in the summer.
    From here you can take family trips, perform downhill biking (downhill), runners and climbers who want to enjoy La Parva.
    In the Campamento Base (Base Camp) we find bathrooms, parking, a camping zone with access to electricity and water, tents and equipment to spend the night out, the Mirador del Condor cafè, Wi-Fi, lifts, games for children and a Hindu fire.
  • Andinismo:
    Athletes who want to get the La Parva Ski Center trails faster can do so via the Telesilla Las Aguilas (Chairlift Las Aguilas). This allows them to travel to important summits of the zone such as El Pintos Hill, La Leonera, Falsa Parva, La Parva and even the base of the El Plomo Hill.
    By purchasing a ticket, the climbers can spend the night at Campamento Base (Base Camp), which provides tents equipped for overnight stay and the option of using the equipment for the best convenience and comfort.
  • Trail Running:
    In this sport you run "off track", i.e. using the natural mountain paths and trails, back roads and tracks; through hills, streams, rivers and various obstacles as well as downhill practicing.
    La Parva enabled a circuit perfect for these types of athletes who are looking to run in high altitudes, but in a limited and safe environment and with safety norms for your protection. This route is more than 5 kilometers high and begins 3,550 meters above sea level, on the Telesilla Las Águilas (Chairlift Las Aguilas), and finishes at a maximum height of 3,624 meters above sea level.
    In La Parva there are also bathrooms, a cafeteria and first aid installed for all kinds of recreational activities within the enclosure.
  • Bike Park:
    The Bike Park of the La Parva Ski Center is one of the highest in the world and offers 10 kilometers of routes on three tracks, which were designed by the Frenchman Jonathan Mahec, known worldwide for his contribution in the construction of different mountain bike circuits in the world, such as the Whistler.
    It is located at an altitude of 3,500 meters above sea level and has an approximate vertical slope of 80 meters, making it a world class Bike Park, which also has a lift specially made for bicycles.
    The tracks of La Parva Bike Park are average to expert and offer different curves, obstacles and drops that athletes can enjoy a dynamic and challenging descent.

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