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  • Services and Activities
  • Services and Activities
  • Services and Activities
  • Services and Activities
  • Services and Activities
  • Services and Activities
  • Services and Activities
  • Services and Activities
  • Services and Activities
  • Services and Activities

Services and Activities:

In Termas de Chillán there are many fun activities for adults and children that can be performed during the stay at the resort. Entertained bingos, snowshoe walks, horseback riding, football championships in the snow, cross-country skiing, talent shows magic shows and karaoke; are some of the options to share with other passengers.

Besides this, the mountain resort offers the following:

Learn to Ski:

This is a program for everyone who wants to learn to ski, regardless of age. It includes 8 hours of ski lessons, complete equipment and a ticket to track "El Bosque".

Paintball in the Snow:

This entertaining game of skill and strategy can be enjoyed in the outdoor spaces in Termas de Chillan and enjoy your time with friends and family of all ages.


Live the unique experience of gliding through a circuit in the snow on a sled pulled by Alaskan Malamoute dogs. Enjoy and be amazed with the beauty of the surrounding woods in this entertaining ride.


Via entertaining snowmobiles driven by guides, you can enjoy beautiful scenery and the best of the mountain.

Nordic Skiing:

Thanks to the privileged trails in Termas de Chillan, you can practice Nordic ski, which corresponds to the original style of ski. This consists of sliding in large flat and not too steep areas. All this surrounded by beautiful forests and nature that can only be found at this resort.

Night Skiing:

Ideal for those who enjoy the excitement and adrenaline, Termas de Chillán illuminates their tracks to enjoy the best ski during the night.


Because of its location and geography at the foot of the Chillán volcano with steep slopes and natural ledges, Termas de Chillán is the ideal place for practicing snowboarding. Feel the adrenaline and speed while watching a beautiful landscape of forests and mountains.


In Termas de Chillán you can enjoy randonée practice, gliding across the slopes amid forests and nature.


Intermediate and expert skiers can enjoy the backcountry in the 10,000 skiable acres that Termas de Chillán possesses and venture into untouched snow terrain. The journey begins in a helicopter that can be leased directly in the Ski School where you can see wonderful panoramic views of the landscapes in the area with the Chillán volcano and glacier in the horizon, and after slide through the snow in the company of expert guides.

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