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  • Services and Activities
  • Services and Activities
  • Services and Activities
  • Services and Activities
  • Services and Activities
  • Services and Activities
  • Services and Activities
  • Services and Activities
  • Services and Activities

Services and Activities:

In Valle Nevado you will find all kinds of fun services and activities for youngsters and adults.

National Holidays (Independence Day):

During the week of Independence Day in Chile (18 and 19 of September), an entertaining tent named "fonda" is set up in Valle Nevado where you can enjoy folk music, dancing, traditional food and Chilean traditions, in the middle of the ski season.


FIFA World Cup:

Every four years during the World Cup, Valle Nevado joins this party with special programs in their bars such as Bar Lounge, Bajo Zero, Puerta del Sol Bar and Tres Puntos Pub, where the football matches from Argentina, Chile and Brazil are shown on state of the art screens for better viewing.

Furthermore, the Cinema Room you can enjoy a complete transmission of the entire event.

You can enjoy making new friends with activities, prizes, contests and festivals during the World Cup in Valle Nevado.


Wine Pairing Week:


It is a gourmet activity where you can enjoy the mixtures of foods with perfect wine strains for flavor. In this activity you can learn about the types of wines, learning about them and how to accompany them in different dishes.



Food Week:

Every year in Valle Nevado we celebrate a week in honor of the Chilean and international cuisine. During this celebration different international chefs are brought in to offer lectures and show samples of various international foods such as French, Italian, Mediterranean and Latin American as well as delicious tastings.


Wine Week:

Every year in Valle Nevado an encounter with the most important wineries in Chile is celebrated, where activities such as grape musts, sale of wines and attractive discounts are done, as well as delicious tastings. On the last day of this event, a Gala is celebrated where you can enjoy casino games like poker, roulette, craps, 21 and much more.


Snow Garden:

This event is for children; Valle Nevado has prepared special classes where expert teachers teach you about the snow through games, different trails and lifts for them.

Children attending the Snow Garden should wear full ski equipment, thermal clothing, glasses or goggles, high factor sunscreen, mittens or gloves.


Heli Ski:

This spectacular adventure lets you discover untouched lands of snow at 2000 meters of altitude, only with a pair of skis or a snowboard. By a helicopter you can access unexplored corners of the mountain, with high-tech security equipment and with the support and guidance of experienced mountain guides.

For this activity B3 Eurocopter helicopters are used.


Ski Randone:

By performing this activity you may see new routes with untouched snow with the company of a group of excellent mountain guides, who before the expedition conduct a safety briefing about the mountains, snow science and material utilization.

An ascent is done in the mountains looking for the best terrain to practice snowboard and ski. This tour includes the necessary equipment: skis, skins, boots, mountain guide, probe and avalanche transceiver among others.

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