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  • Valle Nevado Snow School
  • Valle Nevado Snow School

Valle Nevado Snow School:

In Valle Nevado, there is a ski school where everyone can learn to ski or snowboard regardless of age or level.

In beginner classes you learn from the basics of ski and snowboard on a flat track without obstacles.

In advanced classes skiers who have been skiing and snowboarding for a long time can improve their skills and gain confidence.

Freestyle classes are in the Snowpark, where fans can enjoy the adrenaline of the jumps, rails and boxes alongside a technical instructor who helps them to develop more and perfect their skills.

In free ride, experts will have the opportunity to surf or ski on untouched snow in the best backcountry terrain; a unique experience together with an instructor.

In Valle Nevado, everyone enjoys the snow, so classes are also conducted for the disabled.

Apart from different kinds of levels, there are classes that are divided into individuals and groups. Private lessons are completely personalized, which allows one to learn new techniques and correct errors with an instructor. The maximum class size is 2 people.

In group classes on the other hand, are done with a group of at least 4 people, where ski and snowboard techniques are learned, sharing experiences and meeting new friends.

Ski Club and groups:

There is a Ski Club in Valle Nevado where this snow sport is practiced at a recreational and competitive level. The manager of this club, José Antonio Santiagos, has over 20 years of experience in training in Chile and abroad.

In the Ski Club, Alpine ski lessons, snowboard and freestyle for children, youth and adults with the support of 14 coaches and assistants, Chilean and foreigners are done, with high professional standards that teach their students the best techniques and love for the mountain.

Valle Nevado's International Ski School is comprised of over 50 on-site, with more than 80 expert instructors hailing from various countries. Our instructors speak two or more languages which enable the beginner to approach skiing lessons confidently and safely while the more experienced skiers may refine their winter sports skills. 

In addition to ski or snowboarding lessons, we offer a variety of other services that are listed below. In Valle Nevado, the beginners and advanced skiers can always learn something new

Group lessons:

Group lessons offered by age and level of ability and are limited to 8 people. These are fixed schedules with 3-hour morning classes from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM, and 2-hour afternoon classes that start at 2:00 PM and finish at 4:00 PM. The school guarantees classes for all levels of expertise.

Private lessons:

Offered for children and adults, one-hour (or longer) classes with individual instruction (1 student) and a limit of two additional persons may be incorporated to the class.

Semi-private classes:

Classes are offered for 3 - 5 people with the same ability level who wish to hire an instructor to enjoy skiing or snowboarding at other centers or to learn on powder snow, bumps, competition, free ride, free style, carving, etc.

Heliskiing / Helisnowboarding:
Valle Nevado relies on the exclusive services of the Lassa helicopter company and Bell 407 helicopter remains on site thereby allowing the practice of these fascinating sports on virgin snow equipped with all the security/safety measures required for this activity. The helicopter takes 5 people accompanied by a guide to peaks of up to 13,776 feets where they may practice in magnificent, unexplored valleys, and experience unforgettable adventures in the spectacular beauty of The Andes while skiing or riding a vertical drop of up to 8,200 feets.

Snowboard School:

The ski school is also has a snowboard division with highly qualified instructors. For free-style fans, we offer a snow-park and half-pipe located at the La Escondida lift.

Mini School:

For those children between 4 - 7 years old eager to embark on a skiing adventure, there is a specially designed snow school for their learning needs with full support of instructors who specialized in teaching younger children.

Hand Gliding:

Flights may be arranged with an experienced pilot to fly with you on a tandem glider from the summit of the Mirador, gliding around Valle Nevado and landing on a the El Prado trail. All flights are subject to climatic conditions.

Day Care Center:

Parents may ski and be totally at ease while leaving their children (3- 7 years old) with the nursery's capable caregivers. The baby sitters offer a wide variety of activities with an entertaining program both inside and outside the hotel. The Day Care is located in hotel Valle Nevado.

Snow Garden:

There are ski lessons for children from four to seven years old. The Snow Garden has a Kid's Magic Carpet to help the children to learn the ski techniques. The place is open from 9 am to noon or full day until 16:00 hrs, with lunch included

Ski Shop:

The shop stocks an inventory of 1,100 pieces of equipment considering skis and snowboards. The parabolic skis of the manufacturers Rossignol, Salomon, and K2 have replaced traditional adult and children skis.

We also have a state of the art workshop equipped with special machinery in order to repair equipment and for treating boots with cold air circulation and ultraviolet light rays thereby simultaneously drying and disinfecting them.

Our Ski Shop offers an equipment rental system, which may be charged to your room account, and guests may pick up their equipment even when they are late arrivals permitting them to be on the trails early the next morning.

The professional team of ski-men aids and guides you in the selection of the equipment for our guests according to ability and physical characteristics of each individual.


Ski & Snowboard School 


Snow School (4 to 9 years)

Half day $69 11:00 am to 1:00 pm
Snow School (4 to 9 years) 1 Day + Lunch $126 11:00 am to 1:00 pm or 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Child - Group Class 2 Hours $64 11:00 am to 1:00 pm or 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Adult - Group Class 2 Hour $64 11:00 am to 1:00 pm or 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
  • Rates in American Dollars
  • Rates subject to changes witout prior notice. Referential rates. 

Ski & Snowboard Rental 

# DaysPrestige / Complete
Normal / Complete
(Adult / Child)
Poles or Helmet
(Adult / Child)
Jacket o Pants
(Adult / Child)
(Adult / Child)
1 Day $49 $44 / $37 $11 / $10 $19 / $15 $9 / $9
2 Days $98 $88 / $74 $22 / $20 $38 / $30 $18 / $18
3 Days $147 $132 / $111 $33 / $30 $57 / $45 $27 / $27
4 Days $196 $176 / $148 $44 / $40 $76 / $60 $36 / $36
5 Days $245 $220 / $185 $55 / $50 $95 / $75 $45 / $45
6 Days $294 $264 / $222

$66 / $60

$114 / $90 $54 / $54
7 Days $343 $308 / $259 $77 / $70 $133 / $105 $63 / $63
  • Rates per person in American dollars
  • Rates subject to changes withour prior notice
  • For snowboard consider Prestige rates
  • Rates are referential and subject to money exchange used by Valle Nevado.
Complete Prestige (Ski or Snowboard, boots and poles.)
Complete Normal (Ski, boots and poles.)

Helicopter Transfer 

Rates in USD
Tobalaba Aerodrome Valle Nevado $1.370
Valle Nevado Tobalaba Aerodrome $1.370
  • Rates per helicopter per route
  •  The maximum luggage permited is a hand bag, considering 6 persons.
  • The transfer of the rest of the luggage depends on every passenger. 
  • Children older than 2 years are considered as adult passengers.

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