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El Colorado Lodging Rates

  • Rates and Reservations
  • Rates and Reservations
  • Rates and Reservations
  • Rates and Reservations

El Colorado Rates and Reservations

All prices for accommodation, activities and ski equipment rental are in Chilean pesos.

El Colorado Ski Center assumes that all skiers and snowboarders understand and know the risks and dangers that they are taking while skiing, snowboarding or when doing other snow activities. We are responsible for accidents or damage that may occur and result directly or indirectly to other passengers. Therefore, it is the duty of the ski center to place signs that are visible to the guests indicating warnings and regulations in El Colorado.

For the safety of skiers, it is forbidden to enter ski and snowboard tracks that are not properly flattened. Athletes who choose to engage in activities outside of the trail may do so at their own risk. The same applies when entering Tubing and Snowpark, where the user assumes responsibility for any accident that occurs.

All the trips through the tracks should be in a controlled and alert way, to avoid bumping or crashing with other skiers. It is also prohibited the entry of items like sleds, boards, cameras, bicycles, canoes, kayaks and any sliding element on the tracks.

Other recommendations are not stop where you obstruct a trail, and try to yield to those who are on the move; besides using all the necessary equipment: safety belts, skies, mon skies, or snowboard.
Always remember that the tracks should be used according to your own level and not exceed the ski closures marked with signs like "Avalanche Danger", "Track Closed", "Closed No Trespassing" or "Danger Precipice".

It is recommended not to move along the tracks of the ski lifts, as well as, snow making machines, signals, signs, ski machinery and/or skiing near ski lift towers. It is advised not to approach the trails which are being used for training.

Tickets and ski passes:

The ticket or ski pass is a no transferable or refundable document and must be used only by the owner and it can be used in both the Farellones ski center and El Colorado ski center.
The ticket or ski pass can only be used on dates that the guest arranged and only during the hours that the ski center operates. However, this may change due to weather or snow accumulations, which are external problems and not the guests fault, therefore it is a risk that the user declares when buying the ski pass.

At the moment of buying the ski pass, the user must know all the techniques and skills needed to practice skiing or snowboarding; so you must meet the safety standards of El Colorado. Skiing or snowboarding outside the trails is strictly prohibited.

The ski passes must be used by the person who acquired it; otherwise the El Colorado Ski Center can suspend it. Also, you may not sell the ski pass to someone who does not meet the adequate conditions in relation to the rights given by the ticket or ski pass.

El Colorado Ski Center (2,430 - 3,333 mts above sea level / 7,970 - 10,930 ft above sea level) is formed of two interconnected villages, each one with hotels and refuges. Next to La Parva and Valle Nevado, the major and best Ski surface in South America.

Ski Lifts Ticket Rates - Referential Rates

June 13 to July 03 - August 29 to September 21
July 04 to August 28, Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays
Ski Lifts Ticket Rates 
Adult $63 $84
Child (5 to 12 years) $47 $58
Child (up to 4 years) $14 $19
Above 65 years $19 $19
  • Rates in US Dollars, per person, for a full day of lifts use
  • Rates subject to change without previous notice

Equipment and Accesories Rental (Ski Shop) - Referential Rates

Ski Equipment
 Standard - AdultStandard - ChildPerformance - Adult
Skies, boots, poles $45 $37 $65
Skies $33 $27 $49
Boots $22 $18 $27
Poles $10 $9 $10
Snowboard Equipment
Snowboard Package $48 $38
Board $43 $34
Boots $25 $20
Trousers $18 $14
Chaquet $18 $14
Trousers and Chaquet $30 $24
Gloves $13 $10
Helmet $15 $13
Sun Glasses $10 $8
Snow Boots $18 $14
  • Rates in US Dollars, per person, per full day use
  • Childrens rate: up to 12 years old
  • Rates subject to change without prior notice. Referential Rates

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