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  • Ski tickets and rentals
  • Ski tickets and rentals
  • Ski tickets and rentals

Ski tickets and rentals:


It is a rechargeable card that has an embedded chip, which allows you to have a faster access through the lifts. It allows you to save time, since it is not necessary to have it in your hand, just put it in the left pocket of your pants or parka and it allows you to automatically pass through the gates.

In addition, when you recharge it you qualify for special discounts, security and time saving.
It can be recharged anywhere with Internet access and it prevents the long lines that may occur in the ticket boxes in El Colorado. By buying the daily ticket and paying $ 5,000 Chilean pesos, you can have access to the rechargeable card.

In the case of losing your ski pass, you must give notice immediately in order to block the pass. The pending days that were charged to the card must be loaded in another ski pass, and this has a cost of $10,000 Chilean pesos.

In Colorado there are two places where you can rent equipment:

Los Zorros Domo: In this store you will find a variety of ski and snowboard equipment, including the brands Burton and Rossignol. All equipment is categorized according to the age of the skiers, the size of the items and quality certification.

It also has a repair service for personal equipment of the visitors of the ski center.

The opening hours of Los Zorros Domo are from Monday to Sunday from 08:30 AM to 6:00 PM.
Rental El Parador: It is located at the main entrance of El Colorado and also offers various types of equipment, with the best certification and repair service for personal equipment. The hours are also from 08:30 AM until 6:00 PM.

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