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Reservation and Cancellation Policies - Portillo

Deposits, Cancellations and Bills

  • We require a guarantee deposit of 50% of the total value of your stay when the reservation is confirmed. The balance should be paid 30 days before the date of arrival. Reservations that do not fulfill these requirements could be canceled.
  • All cancellations must be in writing.
  • If the reservation is canceled before 60 days prior to the reserved date of arrival the guarantee will be returned in full less a service charge equivalent to 10% of the value of the guarantee.
  • If the reservation is canceled more than 30 days but less than 60 days before the reserved date of arrival, the guarantee will be returned less 50% of the value of the guarantee.
  • If the reservation is canceled or postponed less than 30 days prior to the reserved date of arrival, the guarantee will not be refunded if the ski area is open.
  • Prices in dollars are informative. Bills for consumption at the hotel are presented in Chilean pesos at the official exchange rate. Prices may be subject to change. Our rates do not include the 19% Value Added Tax (known as IVA), however, guests who are not residents of Chile do not pay IVA if they pay their hotel account in dollars or with a dollar credit card.
  • Room and extra charges are non-refundable once a guest is at Portillo.

Road-Closed Policy

The road to Portillo is also the International Highway that links Santiago, Chile, with Mendoza, Argentina. The highway is maintained by the Chilean Ministry of Public Works, who is responsible for cleaning following snowstorms or other events. Portillo Ski Resort is not responsible for the condition of the road.

  • Guests who are unable to drive up to Portillo while the road is closed will be directly responsible for their accommodation and other expenses in Santiago or elsewhere. The nights that are not used at Portillo will be accredited to their accounts. Guests will be able to choose whether to transfer the credit to their extra services account (ski lessons, bar bills, etc.), use the credit toward a future reservation within the same season, or proceed for reimbursement through their respective agency.
  • Guests who are unable to descend from Portillo and must spend the night in the resort will be charged the full rate for their first night’s accommodation. However, beginning the second night, a 50% discount is applied to the normal rate.

Portillo operates with natural and man-made snow, which allows for the consistent operation of the Ski Area once it is open.

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