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Special Weeks

Activities of the Ski Center:

Besides skiing and enjoying the snow, Portillo is a ski center that allows guests to fully enjoy the beauty of the mountain and re-energize themselves in the middle of the Mountain Range; you can observe the landscape from its comfortable balcony.

It offers yoga classes, stretching, sauna, a fitness room for exercising, a beauty salon, weight room, heated outdoor pool, aqua fitness classes three times a week, and much more.

Portillo offers a warm terrace, comfortable living room and entertaining library where you can borrow books to read and relax inside its facilities. It also offers an Internet Room open for in certain hours for guests to check their mail.

This activity takes place during the ski season and all passengers in Portillo will be able to access some of the best tracks via a helicopter Eurocopter AS530 B3 of Suma Air.
This helicopter has capacity for 4 passengers plus the guide and pilot, with low noise, luggage compartments and GPS navigation system.

In addition to carrying passengers to areas of untouched snow to practice heli-skiing; the helicopter makes other trips like seeing the restaurant Tio Bob '; or a touristic flight around the ski center, including the Laguna del Inca and the mountains that separate Chile from Argentina.

Also the helicopter can be used for all types of transfers, such as from the airport of Santiago to Portillo, from the airfield Tobalaba to Portillo, from Portillo to San Felipe, Los Andes and Guardia Vieja; or from Portillo to Las Condes Clinic or Alemania Clinic.

For these types of trips, the helicopters can accommodate 5 people. Children older than two years of age are considered passengers.

Snowshoe walks:
These are snowshoe walks that take place every day around the surrounding areas of Portillo.

Sol de Portillo Race:
Every Thursday this race slalom is performed on the left side of the track Plateau and Las Lomas, which is found to the right of the Portillo Hotel.

It is open to all passengers, regardless of their ski level. To prepare for this race, you can take lessons with ski instructors to improve your technique and skills.

There is also a special race in Sol de Portillo for kids on the Corralito track, where children from Kids Camp participate.
After the race, an awards ceremony takes place in the living room of the hotel.

Torch Descent:
On Friday nights the famous torch decent is celebrated, performed by the Portillo instructors while they descend through the Plateau trail. To see it in a speacial way, the large terrace of the Portillo Hotel is ideal for a great view.
The Ski Weeks on the other hand, are weekly programs dedicated to thematic trips depending on the interests of its passengers.

Family Weeks:
They are ideal for traveling with kids and enjoy a family ski week full of different programs. That is the reason why its dates coincide with school holidays in Chile, ie the four weeks of July.
In this program there are recreational activities for children and adults, such as children's entertainment; tubbing; dance classes; wine tastings; fashion shows; magic shows; karaoke; themed parties and more.

Wine Week:
This is one of the most attractive programs at the Portillo Ski Center, where wine tastings of renowned Chilean vineyards are done. Besides this, wine presentations and stories of their preparation are performed while enjoying internationally awarded wines.

Friends Week:
This is an ideal week to enjoy with friends for a whole week with entertaining activities, snow and ski.

Wine Fest:
Es otra instancia donde probar excelentes vinos y conocer más de ellos conversando con enólogos de las viñas más importantes de Chile. Se realizarán catas de vinos y presentaciones relacionadas. Todos los pasajeros del hotel pueden participar en esta fiesta que se realiza durante la última semana de agosto.

Gastronomy Week:
The chef Rafael Figueroa, with 25 years of experience in Portillo, is who heads the program, where every night a delicious tasting is done with traditional and unique flavors of Chilean cuisine.

Family Weeks

Portillo has always been the perfect place for travelers with children. During these 3 special weeks, we go even further to ensure that your children are entertained throughout the day so that you may get the most out of your vacation. Portillo have designed activities exclusively for young children, teenagers and adults, as well as activities where all members of the family can participate and have fun together. There is something for everyone in Portillo!

CHILEAN WINE WEEK “Top Wines of Chile”

In celebration of Chile’s world renowned wines, this winter Portillo will be hosting its 10th annual Top Wines of Chile Week. For no extra cost, guests will have the luxury of trying some of Chile’s wines from the best vineyards. The winemakers will also hold information sessions in which guests may learn more about wine culture and the premium quality wines that Chile produces. Come and enjoy!

Wine Fest

Based upon the success of Portillo’s original Wine Week, we have decided to provide yet another opportunity for guests to learn more about the wonderful world of wine and of course, enjoy some of the best wine that Chile has to offer. Each afternoon guests will be able to wind down while enjoying and learning about the different wines of Chile, passengers will able to talk to the winemakers and try different kind of the best wines. At the end of the presentation, there are some games were the person in charge of the vineyard make questions about the presentation, and if you answer right, you might win a bottle of wine for dinner!

Friends Week

Portillo invites its old friends to invite their friends for a week of fun and bonding, a week to forget the world’s troubles and enjoy life, good people, great skiing, and the beautiful Andes Mountains. This week we will organize many activities so you can enjoy, dance, relax, and know new friends, having fun! Come with your friends, we will be waiting for you.

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