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  • Summer Activities in Portillo

Summer Activities:

In Portillo you can enjoy the beauty of the mountain throughout the year. The ski center has attractions to go and learn about in fun hikes with specialized guides.

It provides a van and mini bus service to get from Santiago to the ski center on a trip that takes about two hours and fifteen minutes.

Portillo offers accommodation in the Octagono Lodge or in their chalets and all the gastronomic services that the Portillo restaurant has to offer, with views of the Laguna del Inca; and the best dishes prepared with fresh ingredients like seafood and fish, red meat, traditional Chilean food, fruits, vegetables and of course, wine. The restaurant is open from Monday to Sunday.

Hiking on the trail of Laguna del Inca:

This activity allows guests to go from their hotel to the Portillo ski center, where the hike begins along the Laguna del Inca. The tour is all day and includes lunch at the Portillo Hotel.

Full day tour to Portillo and San Esteban Vineyard:

This tour begins with a drive from Santiago to the Aconcagua Valley to see and learn about the San Sebastian vineyard and enjoy wine tastings. Then the tour takes you to the Portillo Hotel where passengers can enjoy a delicious lunch overlooking the Laguna del Inca.

Full day tour to Portillo and Errázuriz Vineyard:

This tour also includes a visit to a vineyard, Viña Errazuriz, which is known for its rocky soils that provide concentrated and structured wine. The afternoon continues with lunch at the Portillo Hotel, overlooking the Laguna del Inca.

Company programs:

During the end of the year and summer, Portillo dedicates itself for Event Organizations for Companies, which offers accommodation that include breakfast; special menu for activities; rooms for meetings and conventions and these can be used without cost if you are staying at the hotel, with a rate depending on the room you want to use. These include: Internet Lounge (capacity for 30 people); bar (capacity for 80 people); Cinema room (capacity for 60 people); Aerobic Room (1capacity for 100 people), Dining Princiap (270 people); Main Living Room of the Hotel (150 people); and Gym (350 people)

The rooms include audiovisual equipment such as data show, backdrop, microphone and amplification systems, computer with Internet access, laser printer, multimedia notebook, whiteboard and a flat screen DVD TV.

In addition, the groups visiting Portillo are entitled to use the sauna and small pool; and perform the same summer trips like hiking to the Laguna del Inca and tours of the San Esteban and Errazuriz vineyards.


Portillo offers different tours in its surrounding areas such as tours to Santiago; vineyards such as the Casas del Bosque Vineyard, Matetic Vineyard, San Esteban Vineyard, Concha y Toro Vineyard and Errazuriz Vineyard; plus trips to Valparaiso and Viña del Mar.

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